Who are Biztants?

Biztants are high quality professionals that are able to effectively support your business all in a virtual environment. Biztants provides effective solutions for your business needs.

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Work-At-Home Mom Notion

We are amidst a new generation of moms who have chosen to stay at home and earn an income. Mothers are redefining the "stay-at-home moms" to” work-at- home moms".

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Financial Benefits of a Biztant

The most effective and practical way for saving money in a small or large company is by hiring a Biztant. In this tough economic era, most of the companies are attempting to decrease their operating price in their business while increasing their profits. More and more companies are turning to Biztants to conserve their money. Therefore the greatest benefit for utilizing a Biztant is cost saving.

The following are numerous financial benefits of what Biztants can do for you and your business:

  1. Saving thousands of dollars a year by receiving quality work from highly experienced and highly educated professionals for a fraction of the price.
  2. Eliminate training time and expenses, because Biztants are highly educated and skilled
  3. Eliminate employee costs such as overtime, holiday pay, worker’s compensation, sick days, vacation pay and medical insurance
  4. Reduce payroll, unemployment and social security tax obligations
  5. Eliminate costs on office space, equipment and supplies
  6. Eliminate costs on temp agency or recruiting fees
  7. Only pay for time spent on YOUR project
  8. Extra time and money to concentrate on other commitments and responsibilities for your business and family
  9. Increase and generate profits
Hiring a Biztant is not only cost effective but time efficient. In addition, they allow you to manage capital costs for office furniture, computers and equipment, reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and grant you extra time to focus on your core business and start new projects quickly. Biztants are your solution to grow your business, reduce your overhead, improve time management and increase your flexibility.