Fee Schedule

The price for this service is based on the hours, days, weeks or months our service is needed. You can save money and grow your business by working with a Biztant. We have a pricing system that works with everyone’s budget.

Hourly Plan

This is the plan for those who need short-term or occasional support or who prefer to be billed by hour. It is our practice to require a 50% deposit on all hourly work prior to the work beginning based on the estimated number of hours quoted for projects.

Invoice will be supplied with accurate accounts of all hours billed. Expenses will be charged separately.

Retainer Plan

For our clients who require services on a regular basis, we offer a lower hourly rate.

Additional expenses incurred, such as couriers, facsimiles, postage and long-distance telephone calls will be charged separately.

Billing Schedule

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices are sent of the 15th and the 30th each month. We accept payments by checks, VISA and MasterCard only.


As your Biztant, we can assist and manage your office from our office. Our wide variety of services is to suite your business on a personal and small business level.


Human Resources Management



Customer Service

Office Management

Event Planning

Personal Assistance

Home Assistance

Writing and Design

“What is the best way to start working with a Biztant?”

Working with a Biztant can be more rewarding if you do a few things:

Exercising excellent communication skills;
Excellent telephone;
Technology courtesy;
Payment courtesy;
Clear directions;
Respecting each other’s time.

“Biztant versus a temp”

Why would you choose a Biztant instead of a temp?

Biztants have been trained and schooled in their fields of expertise. This gives clients ability to utilize top notch talent that know and understand specific client’s needs. Whereas, temps tend to have general and basic skills. Keep in mind most Biztants have held mid to upper management positions in the fields they represent, with costs similar of a temp.