Who are Biztants?

Biztants are high quality professionals that are able to effectively support your business all in a virtual environment. Biztants provides effective solutions for your business needs.

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Work-At-Home Mom Notion

We are amidst a new generation of moms who have chosen to stay at home and earn an income. Mothers are redefining the "stay-at-home moms" to” work-at- home moms".

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Initial Interview

Biztants want to guarantee that you get what you want and need when hiring us for a project. We do an initial interview which can be basic or continual, depending on the size and complexity of the work. At all stages of our relationship with our clients, we encourage communication and transparency to guarantee you are not only pleased with our work, but satisfied with the manner in which it is conducted


Selecting the right person for the job is the solution for your business needs. At Biztant, LLC we established assessment methods and selection plans to ensure you get the highest quality talent. This involves the process of detailing the required knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) and assessing each (KSAO). This selection process is used to narrow down the initial talent pool to clients. We evaluate the initial assessment methods by the following predictors;
  • Level of education
  • GPA
  • Qualified University
  • Training and experience
  • Licensing and certification
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Resumes
  • Initial interview

Following this process, you have the option to select from one of our professionals based on (KSAOs), work history, qualifications, education, skills and their portfolio. Or, if you can’t decipher who’s the most qualified for your project, we can match a Biztant for your specialized services.


Planning is the key to accomplishing any project. We make a supreme effort to listen and document in detail the concepts, desires, expectations and goals of our clients in order to implement them effectively.


We also offer an in-depth proposal for each project.

Client Agreements

Confidentiality and security are the most important concerns we have pertaining to our client's work. At Biztant, LLC we have standard contracts for all of our clients and their projects. We also sign a confidentiality agreement with each client. This protects our client's interests and outlines an explicit workable relationship and also a timeline for work completion.

Project Scheduling

Biztants believe in projects strategy to schedule their success. From selecting the right software to planning each step, we are committed to details and the achievement of each individual component of a given project.


The secret to our success is to provide an excellent service while providing a flexible means of compensation. At Biztant, LLC we strive to keep the billing procedure transparent and fair. Pay only for confirmable time spent working for you. We bill twice per month and provide a detailed timesheet showing what work took place and the duration of each work detail performed.