Who are Biztants?

Biztants are high quality professionals that are able to effectively support your business all in a virtual environment. Biztants provides effective solutions for your business needs.

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Work-At-Home Mom Notion

We are amidst a new generation of moms who have chosen to stay at home and earn an income. Mothers are redefining the "stay-at-home moms" to” work-at- home moms".

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Biztant, LLC provides exceptional quality “the best and the brightest”. This exceptional talent pool delivers truly superior performance. Our Biztants possess a high degree of skill and contribute to your organization’s effectiveness. In addition, our Biztants have high values which include honesty, integrity, achievement and hard work and concern for fellow Biztants and clients. Biztant, LLC gives you access to high quality talent, hire the best.


Biztants provide a flexible workforce. They can provide services on an as-needed, just-in-time basis and short term engagements to full time. Biztants wear multiple hats, functioning as jacks-of-all-trades. Biztants can handle several different jobs, assignments, splitting their time between them on an as-needed basis. Biztants also collaborate as if everyone is in the same office.

Cost Savings

Biztant offers hourly rates for any budget. You pay only for hours worked. Hiring a Biztant also frees the employer of tax withholding, tax payment obligations, benefits and insurance. Biztants also provide their own tools, materials and office. Through Biztant, LLC you have access to high quality talent at remarkable rates.